Dr. Matthew Harrison


Restoration All About Endodontics
The Greek meaning of endodontics (“endo” means inside, and “odont” means tooth) translates to “inside the tooth.” Endodontic...

Jun 10

Restoration FAQs of Dental Implants
Many people take a simple dental function like being able to bite and chew for granted. But when...

Apr 15

Restoration Should You Replace Your Amalgam Fillings?
Metal was once the most commonly used dental material used to fill cavities and repair damage. However, amalgam...

Feb 26

Restoration 5 Easy Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Dental Prosthetics
Whether you have dentures or dental implants, you want your custom dental prosthetic to stay in good condition....

Jan 29

Restoration Benefits of Composite Resin Over Amalgam Fillings
Traditionally, dentists have used amalgam to fill cavities and for over 150 years, this mixture of metals has...

Jan 15

Restoration Dentures: Options, Costs, and Benefits
Dentures are a type of removable prosthetic used to replace missing teeth. They are a good option for...

May 29