Dr. Matthew Harrison

Month: October 2019

Orthodontics Rubber Bands For Braces: Helpful Tips And Tricks
Rubber bands for braces are also known as elastics. These unique bands are tiny and come in lots...

Oct 30

General What Can I Do About Sensitive Teeth?
If you have sensitive teeth, you could be experiencing discomfort due to decay, genetics, age, or even over-brushing!...

Oct 23

General Advanced Oral Health Care with Laser Technology
Many dental offices today are adopting innovations that improve the variety and accuracy of procedures they can provide....

Oct 16

Oral Surgery What is a Bone Graft?
Bone grafting is the surgical procedure that improves areas of the smile deficient in natural bone and involves...

Oct 09

Homecare 10 Ways to Help Prevent Cavities and Promote Optimal Oral Health
Everyone knows that dental hygiene is crucially important for a number of reasons, yet most of us fail...

Oct 02