Dr. Matthew Harrison

Month: January 2020

Restoration 5 Easy Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Dental Prosthetics
Whether you have dentures or dental implants, you want your custom dental prosthetic to stay in good condition....

Jan 29

Cosmetic Cosmetic Dental Care Can Improve Oral Health
For many of us, improving the way we look helps us go through life with more confidence. Cosmetic...

Jan 22

Restoration Benefits of Composite Resin Over Amalgam Fillings
Traditionally, dentists have used amalgam to fill cavities and for over 150 years, this mixture of metals has...

Jan 15

Periodontics 5 Signs of Gum Disease
We often don’t think about oral health beyond our teeth, yet nearly half of all adults suffer from...

Jan 08

General How to Make Your Dental Appointments More Comfortable
Many people are afraid to get dental care. They don’t like the sound of dental instruments, the discomfort...

Jan 01