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Dental Implants and Placement at the dental office of Matthew B. Harrison, DDS in Rogers 

After experiencing tooth loss, it is important to research the best treatment options available. The most innovative and comprehensive way to replace teeth is with dental implant restorations. Finding a dentist who can both strategically place implants and provide you with a beautiful restorative crown makes your treatment convenient and optimal.

The dental office of Matthew B. Harrison, DDS, is prepared to successfully take you through each step in the process of planning and placing dental implants and their restorations. With the care of him and his qualified team, the function and beauty of your smile will be renewed. Dr. Harrison serves people in Rogers and surrounding communities.

What are Dental Implants?

3D render of dental implant

Dental implants are titanium posts that are strategically placed into the jaw bone. The posts are biocompatible, allowing them to securely fuse with the bone so they can serve as natural tooth roots. The posts are a stable anchor for a porcelain crown, and they keep the jaw bone healthy.

Dental Implants Preserve the Jaw Bone

Quickly after tooth loss, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate through a process called resorption. Once implant posts are placed, bone growth envelopes the posts and regenerates the jaw. This prevents the jaw from shrinking and altering the facial structure of patients. The preservation of bone mass in the jaw is how you can maintain a youthful appearance.

Implants Support A Variety of Restorations

It usually takes about four months for the posts to fully integrate into the bone, and Dr. Harrison can provide you with a temporary crown while you wait. Then your lifelike, lustrous porcelain crown will be attached to the post using an abutment.

Dental implant posts can support different types of prosthetic restorations:

  • Porcelain crowns for the replacement of a single tooth.
  • Fixed bridges to replace a row of teeth.
  • Full arch of prosthetics using permanent dentures.
  • Full arch of prosthetics using overdentures, which are removable.

Contact the Dental Office of Matthew B. Harrison in Rogers for Dental Implant Restorations

No other tooth replacement treatment comes close to giving you the look and feel of natural teeth like implant-supported restorations. They have over a 95 percent success rate and give you a second chance at smiling normally without experiencing bone loss or using uncomfortable and unreliable prosthetics.

To learn more about how you can replace teeth with dental implant restorations, contact Dr. Matthew B. Harrison in Rogers. He provides accurate placement and lifelike restorations so your smile functions normally and shines beautifully. Call his office today!